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The time is too short, but never too long to reach ahead

To project the image, which will in time become a concrete dream

Mystic Pizza: The Musical
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Sammy is a professional rock and roller, nightclub owner, and Tequila connoisseur with a passion for quality in everything he does.

Sammy’s accolades include the journey as singer and songwriter for Van Halen for 11 years in the mid-80s through mid-90s, a highly successful solo career both before and after his run with Van Halen, and an early stint with Ronnie Montrose. In his long road of a career, Sammy's combined record sales when considering the above resume exceed 60 Million records sold! As founder of the most rockin’ club in the world (the Cabo Wabo Cantina of course) and producer of one of the truly premium Tequilas in the world (Cabo Wabo Tequila naturally), Sammy has established himself as an astute and extremely successful entrepreneur.
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